This Update got a little late, but let me sum it up.

New Stuff – UnitTests, DIHandler classes, new table for Booleans

And now the rants start 😉

Before I applied to GSoC I had showed interest in Jeroen’s proposal for writing UnitTests for SMW, now that I chose GreenSMW he is still making me write tests ;), which is actually very useful to test broken stuff rather than our initial attempts of testing by running a wiki. So, when I get stuck for a while waiting for some commit to merge I write tests. With this I am able to make very good use of my “paid time”. I recommend this for all GSoCers 😀

Now back to the Booleans, after a little research on Boolean datatype I finally settled on using TINYINT(1) for MySQL and BOOLEAN for PgSQL, I checked this stuff and it works.  Performance wise we are using very little space for Booleans now and this also makes reading and writing such values faster.

I was suprised that this is not a popular datatype for SMW users after I discovered a bug in SMW’s handling of Booleans.

Also, we discussed about releasing the storerewrite version and though Markus suggested to release it as SQLStore3 keeping also SQLStore2, I and Jeroen pressed on releasing it as just SQLStore, without any redundant code from SQLStore2. There might be a migration script to help users upgrade without any side effects but only if time permits.