Hi, the midterm evaluation has come (time flies doesn’t it?) and finally I am able to put my code to master branch. I had expected this to be a tiresome job with lots of “Git merge conflicts” but thanks to my mentor Markus who suggested to keep the older code along with the newer one to support easier upgradation for users; this led to only copying the new files into a separate folder on the store. Here’s the link to this latest commit of mine https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/#/c/14773/

But beware when you read that line on the page below  which says “+6647, -7” . This isn’t true actually :p as the whole lot of code isn’t my work, its mostly inherited code from the older store, with my tweaking at various places. I am looking forward to the next tasks upcoming now as I shall discuss with my mentor, maybe its time for some caching now 🙂