This week I worked on obtaining a diff of the Semantic data for a wiki page, this shows you what  *semantics* got added and what *semantics* got removed on a page write. This is  somewhat similar to what SemanticWatchList does but now in core and more efficient.

SWL view

As a result SemanticWatchList shall be using this from core SMW in the newer versions and thus SMW+SWL will be more efficient to use together.
However, this wasn’t a plan to improve SWL initially. This is in result of my work behind improving SMW’s Special pages and maintaining more statistics; we will now have counts for usage of Properties in the database and thus Special:Properties and Special:UnusedProperties will just query this table instead of querying all the tables as it does now (we always keep realizing how stupid we were before :P).

I also plan to use this counts of Properties usage (since we already have them now:)) to make a few more special pages for SMW. I have in mind right now RecentSemanticChanges only; however this is currently out of scope for the project and so might be only suitable as some post-GSoC work.