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This week I made the migration scripts so users of SMW can actually use all my work without any hassle of doing a refreshData.php and wait for hours for it to complete. This script will let users to directly migrate all their data from the SMW’s older version to the newer version while still the site could run uninterruptedly with the older version, thus one can safely switch to the newer version at the end and with full control on the user’s part. I am yet to document this migration process but I promise it is very very straightforward and hopefully not time consuming.

Besides, this week I did a few small tweaks that had been left notice sometime or were marked as TODO.

The following weeks we are planning to start working on caching of inline queries, this has many challenges coming for us, and we are expecting this to only be available in a later version (For more information browse semanticmediawiki-devel thread with subject Query caching and Invalidation.)

We discussed ways to improve the performance at the ground level, partitioning the tables by properties and creating new tables (duplicate ones) with partition based on subjects. The documentation is again at This let to an interesting idea of separating the smw_id table into  two new tables for  subjects (pages) and properties separately, and this will enable us to store additional information about properties such as their table name (as now we shall have different ones for some properties) and  datatype of their values.
Some of the places that helped us are and

Currently, I am ready to create these tables, any further additions will be done on the fly, as otherwise we will never get to code actually. I won’t rewrite the setup.php now and will do it once everything is finalized (also then we will think of the migration script).

I and Markus set today our priorities for the various small work segments on my project and database update won the race, I will shortly be making updates to the SMW databases as per mentioned at